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The Cottage Garden

This was one of the earliest gardens planted at the “new” TWIGS site. It was originally a series of four corner beds plus a central circular bed, all planted with a mix of traditional cottage garden shrubs, perennials and annuals to give a lively seasonal display. A traditional brick path and living willow hedge complemented the planting and two beautiful elder shrubs – one with golden foliage, the other with deep purple leaves, marked the far boundary of the garden.

By 2001, the Cottage Garden had become overgrown but over time, the garden has been gently revived; it retains the original Cottage Garden feel but with the addition of a few contemporary ideas, such as small artworks and willow sculptures hidden among the plants and a resident handmade chair. The south-facing garden also has two extreme aspects, deep shade and full sun, which allow for a wide range of plants and seasonal interest.

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A magical place – it feeds your soul

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