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The Physic

The decision to create a physic garden at TWIGS is inspired by the ancient knowledge that particular herbs may be beneficial to us, not just for food but also for spiritual and emotional well-being. A number of people who attend TWIGS expressed an interest in this project and, during the autumn and winter months, the group created a design which will enable the growing of at least 16 different herbs with healing properties for mind and body.

During the darkest winter months the design was transferred from paper to the ground as the pathways for the new garden were cut from the turf. The design uses the powerful symbolism of a cross within a square, encompassed by a circle.

As part of the research into the herbs which would be most suitable for the garden, medicinal herbalist Niall McNair gave a one day workshop at TWIGS. He described his holistic approach to helping people experiencing difficulties with their mental and emotional health, and offered fascinating information about the herbs which might be appropriate for the physic garden.

Visitor Comments

TWIGS to me is the most beautiful garden in Swindon! Stunning, inspiring and uplifting

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