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The Roundhouse

The roundhouse is the concept of one and the work of many. The person who conceived the project went on to gain a degree in Art and now earns his living as an artist. Two years of ‘on the job learning’ has resulted in a rather special place.

A combination of the natural materials, sitting below the level of the earth and the resulting cool and stillness of the air give many people a sense of peace.

This space gives us a glimpse of a life that was lived in direct contact with nature, something that our modern lifestyle is the poorer for having lost.

The roundhouse is used for drumming on some open days and carols at Christmas.

Visitor Comments

A wonderful place , leaving us with so many rich memories – trees , flowers , water , bees , leaves , so much meaning – created so beautifully

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01793 523294

Twigs Community Gardens,
C/o Manor Garden Centre,
Cheney Manor, Swindon, SN2 2QJ

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