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Wild and Wonderful

We grow all our flowers from seed, tubers or bulbs. Huge thanks must go to all at Sarah Raven’s Kitchen & Garden for their wonderful sponsorship and support. Many of the bulbs, seeds and tubers we now produce flowers from have been kindly donated by the team at Sarah Raven. We start many off from a September sowing, nurturing them through the winter and planting them out in the cut flower beds in spring. People using the service, our volunteers and staff have learnt the necessary skills to grow, harvest and construct beautiful bouquets for pleasure and for sale. We can also provide Farewell Flowers for funerals.

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It has been a pleasure to grow these flowers and as it has put a smile upon our faces, we also take enjoyment from knowing that the smiles are passed on when the gift of gorgeous flowers is given to friends and families.

We have worked as a team, learnt new skills, overcome obstacles, used the activities to distract and occupy our sometimes troubled minds, made friendships, laughed and like those little plants all those months ago we have grown.

Contact Us

01793 523294

Twigs Community Gardens,
C/o Manor Garden Centre,
Cheney Manor, Swindon, SN2 2QJ

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