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We grow and nurture plants using organic methods. Plants are grown to a high standard that competes commercially, which is something we are extremely proud of at TWIGS. We mainly grow hardy, herbaceous perennials, many of which can be found flourishing in the Gardens. Seasonally we do carry a small range of choice annuals / tender perennials and at times a limited selection of shrubs.

We hold at least four weekend Open days a year as well as our regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday openings. We also attend sales and community events. Each year we raise valuable funds towards the running costs of our service from the sale of our plants.

Our large site provides ample space for people to explore the therapeutic benefits of working in a garden. There are many horticultural skills that people can develop which follow the seasons, but we endeavour to offer a varying range of activities on a daily basis. There is no requirement for people to have any previous knowledge or experience in gardening – an open mind and willingness to engage in an activity is all that is needed. We run a Level 2 certificated gardening course, ‘Essential Garden Skills’ each spring and autumn. This is run through OCN Credit4Learning and gives learners a solid foundation to take on to further learning or employment.

Collectively the gardens provide a wonderfully peaceful, healing place which supports people in their journey to recovery.

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Really interesting and such wonderful value plants

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Twigs Community Gardens,
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Cheney Manor, Swindon, SN2 2QJ

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