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Many of our products are garden or wildlife related (or both). Recent items we have made include:

  • Planters (various designs & sizes)
  • Bird feeders
  • Garden benches
  • Bat boxes
  • Blue tit boxes
  • Bug boxes
  • Robin nest boxes
  • Butterfly house
  • Sparrow terrace.

Woodcrafts at TWIGS is not about learning to be a master craftsperson, though you will undoubtedly pick up many useful skills, it is about discovering the enjoyment, satisfaction and therapeutic value of working with wood. Virtually all the wood we use comes from recycled sources – very often literally straight from the rubbish skip. Discarded pallets are our principal material although we could also use joinery off-cuts and wood kindly donated by companies or private individuals. In addition we also make use of other recycled items such as old inner tubes and wellington boots from which we make hinges and weather seals for our bird boxes.

We are very fortunate to have three highly skilled volunteers who tutor and support individuals to create some amazing sculptural pieces, some of which you can view in the photos displayed above.

Whilst we have power tools at TWIGS most items are constructed using hand tools only. We are also fortunate in having a greenwood workshop which includes traditional equipment such as a pole-lathe, a shaving horse, a cleaving break and chopping blocks.

Visitor Comments

It is a gorgeous garden , very uplifting and colourful – I will come back heaps of times

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